Want to get planning today? Purchase this instant digital download version of the 2024 focus and goals annual wall planner today and print it yourself up to 40" x 30".

By using the Annual Focus and Goals Wall Planner to create an overview of your goals for the entire year, you can be ambitious but also realistic. By breaking the year down in to quarters, then months, you can easily specify your goals (what you want), your focus (the one thing to direct your energy towards), and your plan (how you are going to get there). Each month you review your results and course-correct if necessary.

DIGITAL DELIVERY: This product is a high resolution PDF file for instant download and not a physical product. No printed material will be shipped. If you are looking for a paper version that will be mailed to your door, check out the printed Focus and Goals Annual Wall Planners.

PRINT SIZE:  The PDF is sized 40" x 30" /  101.6cm x 76.2cm. You can print the planner at 40" x 30" /  101.6cm x 76.2cm (Giant), or 32" x 24" /  81.28cm x 60.96cm (Large), or 24" x 18" / 60.96cm x 45.72cm (Medium). 

DIMENSIONS - MEDIUM: 24" x 18" / 60.96cm x 45.72cm. Daily schedule space is 0.63" x 1.305" / 1.61cm x  3.31cm

DIMENSIONS - LARGE:  24" x 32" / 81.28cm x 60.96cmDaily schedule space is  0.8" x 1.9" / 2.03cm x 4.82cm

DIMENSIONS - GIANT:  40" x 30" /  101.6cm x 76.2cm. Daily schedule space is 1" x 2.375" / 2.54cm x 6.03cm

PRINTING:  Print at home or at your local print shop on any weight of paper or card. A minimum paper weight of 160gsm is recommended. 

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY:  You may print this calendar multiple times for use in your home - print one for the office and one for the kitchen. However, this calendar is not for commercial use or resale. All designs are copyright to Plan The Things. You may not modify nor redistribute the file in any way.