Looking for a super-functional, minimalist perpetual wall calendar? This giant undated wall calendar has no days of the week so you can start it at any time and use it year after year. Printed on crisp, heavy-weight matte paper, the calendar comes in three sizes and is designed to help you keep track of all the things, whether you're a parent, student, business owner, maker, or all of the above all at once.

This calendar has space to set and review quarterly goals and plans. There's ample room for daily events and deadlines plus dedicated space for monthly focus and notes, so you can plan your things and get them done.

PERPETUAL CALENDAR: If you would like to use this calendar again and again you can write down the fixed dates that do not change from year to year (birthdays, anniversaries) and use sticky flag notes for any changing dates. If you would like to use dry erase markers on this calendar you will need to get it laminated at a local print shop, or frame it under glass or plexiglass and write on the glass surface not the paper surface. As this is a perpetual calendar, February 29th is printed in grey rather than black so the calendar can also be used when it is a leap year.

DIMENSIONS - MEDIUM: 24" x 18" / 60.96cm x 45.72cm. Daily schedule space is 1.91"" x 0.42" / 4.85cm x 1.06cm. Quarterly note spaces are 5.72" x 0.72" / 14.5cm x 1.83cm. Focus and note spaces are 1.91" x 0.72" / 4.85cm x 1.83cm.

DIMENSIONS - LARGE: 24" x 32" / 81.28cm x 60.96cm. Daily schedule space is 2.54" x 0.55" / 6.47cm x 1.41cm. Quarterly note spaces are 7.64" x 0.96" / 19.41cm x 2.44cm. Focus and note spaces are 2.54" x 0.96" / 6.47cm x 2.44cm.

DIMENSIONS - GIANT: 40" x 30" / 101.6cm x 76.2cm. Daily schedule space is 3.21" x 0.7" / 8.15cm x 1.78cm. Quarterly note spaces are 9.62" x 1.21" / 24.45cm x 3.8cm. Focus and note spaces are 3.2" x 1.21" / 8.15cm x 3.08cm.

PAPER-WEIGHT: 170 gsm / 65 lb 

PACKING:   Your calendar is carefully rolled and packaged in a sturdy mailing tube before being shipped to you.

SHIPPING: Shipping is flat rate, with price dependent on destination. Shipping is $6 within the US, $7 within Europe, $9 to Australia and New Zealand, and $12 to the rest of the world. For additional rates, and information about fulfillment times etc, please see our shipping page.

MAKE A PLAN AND A DIFFERENCE:  For each calendar sold, one tree is planted.

This product plants one tree